Skeet by Scooler

Shooting Tips

  • The 2023 Skeet Year is here.
  • Now is a good time to update your gear. Check your shooting glasses. Do you need to replace your lenses? Have your eyes checked, if you haven't done that recently.
  • Start a training regimen that includes upper body fitness workouts.
  • Vary your practice routines instead of just going out and shooting repetitive rounds of skeet. For example: Shoot one box of nothing but incomers, another box of nothing but out-goers, then a box or two of regular skeet. Don't forget the doubles game.
  • Be happy with YOUR shooting style. Everyone has his/her way of shooting. Don't succumb to the always well-intentioned, but sometimes detrimental suggestions given by your shooting buddies. Find your way of doing the basics and focus on bettering your techniques than being distracted by trying a "magic bullet".
  • Do you need to make changes to YOUR shooting style? Our bodies and reflexes change as we age. Are you missing the "easy" targets? You may need to adjust your "look points" and your "hold points" to compensate for the fact that you don't react like you used to.
  • Stay Safe and Shoot well!


Al made me a left handed shooter because of my eye dominance. I'm now hitting what I'm shooting at. The skeet game and the hunting experiences with my Dad are a lot more fun now.
Jim E.

I came to Al with zero knowledge and experience about shooting. Now, I'm able to join my husband and other friends at shooting events and be part of the fun.
Tashya R.

Murrel and I have taken several lessons from Al. He has never failed to help us get back on the right track...and he makes it all fun!!! We also brought a friend to Al that had never shot before. After two extended lessons, she was not only hooked on Skeet, but was breaking targets all over the field. Al, we cannot thank you enough!!!
Joe and Murrel

Al's patience and intuitive insights have brought out my true potential as a shooter. He helped me with physical issues and sharpened the mental aspects of shooting. hunting and shotgunning are a lot more fun now.
Jim G.

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